Primal is the mysterious language of elementals. Few but the most powerful of wizards and elementalists have managed to decode the secrets this ancient and primordial tongue holds.

Primal is a special curiosity to those who study it, as it is unlike any other known language in the world. It can not be learned, and it can not be taught. Instead, those few mortals who are exposed to incredible amounts of elemental radiation may suddenly develop the ability to communicate with elementals. Some are able only to understand Primal, but not speak it.

Primal may sound different depending on who is speaking it. A lightning elemental, for example, may speak in thunderous cracks and electric humming, while a water elemental may speak in gentle bubbling or crashing waves. Still, elementals of different types are able to communicate with one another, and with anyone who might understand Primal, as there still seems to be some underlying linguistic foundation to this innately magical tongue.

Planelings, mortal humanoids born of elemental heritage, are born with the innate ability to communicate with elementals.


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