Governor Rhias Sornam

Rhias Sornam is the Governor of Greyreath, and the leader of the Council of Lords. He holds the highest position of authority in the city besides the queen herself, and serves as her chief advisor. He is a middle aged greyreathan human.

The Governor is a reclusive man who is quite rarely seen in public, except for alongside the queen and her family. The Governor represents the crown in the Council of Lords and holds absolute authority on all state affairs. 

The Governor also rules over the Noble Estate, which surrounds Castle Greyreath and houses the city's wealthiest citizens. 

The people of Greyreath generally have very mixed feelings about The Governor. He is loved by some and distrusted by others. His reclusion and his position of great authority make him the subject of myriad rumors. It's been said that he is devious and the Queen is merely his puppet, that he is in love with the Queen, that he and the University are in cahoots to turn the city into a magocracy and subjugate the non-magical population, that he and Count Forthing are in cahoots to turn the city into a plutocracy and overthrow the University, and that he is war-mongering and seeks to turn Greyreath into an empire.

Governor Rhias Sornam

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