Count Talta Guirin

Talta Guirin is the count of Dranian County, and a vocal member of the Council of Lords in Greyreath. She is a sapphian human in her early 50s.

Count Guirin is a wise and experienced leader with a military background, said to be a veteran of the Sapphian-Raied Wars, but she's never been forthcoming about her background.

Pushing for better trade relations with the Sapphians, Guirin is responsible for the recent construction of the balloon-craft tower in Morithan County.

Bright, rational, and compassionate, Count Guirin is respected by all of the city's Council of Lords, and seems to have a personal friendship with Count Harfinder.

Among Guirin's duties is leadership of the Greyreath Hounds, the state's guard and law enforcement, and consorts with the city's generals regarding Greyreath's army. She has some control over the taxes (for which she is rather vocal about her disdain), but those are mostly imposed by Count Forthing.

She has been outspoken in support of homunculus sovereignty movements, but knows that the rest of the Council of Lords do not agree. She is very vocally opposed to imperialistic expansion into the Highlands or Vale of Aeons, to some criticism.

Count Guirin has never been quiet about her conflicts with Count Virinan, and it's frequently said that if it weren't for her command of the Hounds in the north, she would have already taken his job.

Count Guirin is very highly favored by most of the city's populations, especially lower-class individuals, homunculi, and citizens of Elden County.

Count Talta Guirin

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