Count Gothric Virinan

Gothrus Virinan is the count of Elden, a member of the Council of Lords in Greyreath. He is a stojanic human in his early 50s.

Virinan's persona is that of a level-headed and charming family man. However, Count Virinan has a reputation, especially among working and lower class citizens, as being crooked, and it is believed that he has little interest in bettering the conditions of Elden County, happy instead to reap the benefits of class disparity while preaching family values and painting a false picture of the actual living conditions in his county.

A stojanic man from the island nation of Stahlheim, Virinan once owned a profitable but ethically dubious mining operation there. His reasons for leaving for Greyreath have never been a matter of public record. 

Count Virinan been notably silent on the issue of homunculus sovereignty, considering his county is highly populated by them.

Count Gothric Virinan

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