Sif, the Baron of Beasts

Sif, called the Baron of Beasts, is a deity revered in some parts of the Shorn Highlands. Sif is a chaotic god of duplicity and madness, worshiped by depraved or nihilistic individuals, often in secrecy. Sif is a god of Beasts, Blood, Chaos, Destruction, Fear, Hunger, Impulse, Madness, Monsters, Murder, Trickery, Wilderness, and Vermin.

Sif is the prickle of your skin in the darkness. Sif is the eyes on the back of your neck when you’re alone.

Sif is desperation. Sif is clawing for survival.

Sif is spite. Sif is the poison in the king’s meal.

Sif is the duality of the beast.

Sif is the white-hot rage thundering behind your eyes. Sif is the cackle of vengeance as a blade slips between your ribs.

Sif represents the dual nature of thinking beings. Sif is symbolic of the cognitive dissonance between the reasoning, plotting forebrain, and the violent, reptilian hindbrain. Sif represents a beast lashing out in violence, with no concept of good or evil; but Sif also represents a person's capacity to know right from wrong and still choose the latter.

Sif is generally worshiped by misanthropic cults of followers who believe that sentient beings will always be overcome by the darkness inside of them. Some use Sif’s teachings to excuse or rationalize their own hideous behaviors (especially vampires), while some take it upon themselves to instigate ‘cleansings.’ Some yet simply recline in reverence of the Baron of Beasts, content to watch the world burn down around them.

Sif’s holy symbol is a two-pupiled red eye. Sif is generally represented by a humanoid form, dressed in noble garments, but obscured by shadowy distortions.

Sif, the Baron of Beasts

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