Shorn Highlands

Shorn Highlands (or simply, the Highlands) constitute the northern half of the continent of Anfir. The Highlands' bounds extend from the eastern coast to the Thousandthorn Mountains in the west, and from the northern coast to the Morithan River and Greyreath, in the shadow of Hril's Talons, the gate to the Highlands.

During the Hour of the Calm Sky, the Highlands were mostly populated by warlike bands of giants, which were defeated by numerous barbarian clans. Since then, they've been settled by humans and halflings, and the countryside is now dotted with farms and small hamlets.

The people of the Highlands are generally hardy and stalwart, but ultimately friendly. Greyreathan folk, the most numerous in the region, are ambitious, proud, and industrious. Many of the barbarian folk of the northern Highlands, however, are known for their simple, nomadic ways and oral tradition. The river-folk of the Cherrywild are known in equal parts for their love of life and skill at seafaring, and the green dwarves of the Thousandthorns revere the wilds above all else.




Shorn Highlands

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