Queen Amelia Wren

Queen Amelia Wren is the ruler of Greyreath. With the heep of her court and the Council of Lords, all decisions related to the city-state's governance fall on the queen's shoulders. She is a greyreathan human, in her mid-forties. She has sharp eyes, a dark complexion, and angular features.

Queen Wren is Greyreath's ultimate symbol of nationalism, along with her husband and a court of princes and princesses. She is warm, regal, and matronly. Her family is generally looked on with admiration, but there are some who are critical of the monarchy, and understand that in reality, Queen Wren has very little actual power, while the Governor is the city's true leader.

Wren and her consorts reside in Castle Greyreath, a massive palace that is supposedly built on the bones of a structure which existed long before the cataclysmic event that drove civilization underground.

The royal family is sometimes seen in public in parades and other functions, and also frequently hosts parties for residents of the Noble Estate and special invitations. In public, Queen Wren is always accompanied by the Governor, and some suspect they are having an affair, but to make such accusations public has landed more than a couple of conspiracists in jail cells.

Queen Amelia Wren

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