Neroth, the Voice of the Meek

Neroth, called the Voice of the Meek, is a deity revered in some parts of the Shorn Highlands. Neroth is recognized as a benevolent god, whose motives always align with those of humanity. Neroth is a god of Agriculture, Change, Commerce, Freedom, Healing, Hope, Life, People, Repose, and Stars.

The Voice of the Meek is characterized by great compassion for living beings. They are thought to answer prayers, guide the lost, and grant courage to the meek. Graveyards and tombs found throughout the Highlands often bear the mark of Neroth.  

According to legend, Neroth was once mortal, and they stood up against some great oppression or terror when the surface was uninhabitable. The details of these myths, however, vary from region to region. Neroth's description is never consistent. Their gender, race, and features are irrelevant; what is important in these tales is that anyone could have been Neroth, and that all living things have the capacity to stand up for their people and do the right thing.

Neroth is represented by a circle within a circle, symbolizing the voices of the oppressed and the gift of community.

Neroth, the Voice of the Meek

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