Kryn, the Wanderer

Kryn, called the Wanderer, is a deity revered in some parts of the Shorn Highlands. Generally an amoral wanderer, Kryn is never associated with any alignment, nor faction, but instead the pursuit of knowledge and the uncovering of secrets. Kryn is a god of Death, Dreams, Fate, Fire, Knowledge, Lore, Magic, Memory, Secrets, Sun, Travel, and Void.

Kryn is often worshiped by scholars, historians, and mages, and is especially favored by residents of the Univeristy in Greyreath. The Wanderer is associated with neutrality, with no concerns for good or evil. Instead, Kryn's creed is knowledge. Kryn was the mortal who walked the earth during a time when the air was poison, the sun was death, and the oceans were sludge. Kryn survived, being baked into a barely living husk, driven by no more than their thirst for knowledge and their desperation to remember. 

To follow Kryn's path is to put the quest for understanding before anything else, even your own life. People who follow Kryn's path do so not because of the Wanderer's agenda or motivations, but because of what that path can teach them.

Kryn is supposed to be embodied in the spirit of any mysterious wanderer, nomad, or stranger. Any time you feel curiosity or mystery or uncertainty, it is the great wonder of Kryn drawing you closer.

It is said that if Kryn were to be viewed in mortal form, They would appear as an effigy, riddled with cracked, blackened skin, faceless yet staring, enshrouded in yellow robes, with long, gnarled fingers endlessly flipping through an ancient, sun-bleached leather-bound tome.

Kryn’s holy symbol is a black, charred hand-print.

Kryn, the Wanderer

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