Greyreath, the City of Ambition

Greyreath is a sprawling city-state which lies at the southern border of the Highlands, nestled beneath Hril's Talons. It is north of the Vale of Aeons on the bank of the Morithan River. Greyreath is a monarchy, ruled by a queen and her consorts, though much of the city's governance is handled by the Council of Lords, consisting of four counts and a governor. It was founded during the Hour of the Calm Sky, by settlers emerging from beneath Hril's Talons, on the ruins of a far older settlement.

Called the City of Ambition, it is the home of the Greyreath University, the largest school in the world and the only school of its kind, teaching many different disciplines and specialties of magic as well as a host of tradeskills, and spanning three campuses within the city. 

Greyreath's construction is largely of stone, with marvelous grey buildings decorated with splashes of blue and black, the colors of the city's two-banded flag. In fact, it is said that most of the city's foundation is far, far older than Greyreath, predating the event that drove civilization beneath the earth, and that the settlers who emerged from the tunnels beneath Hril's Talons simply decided to build on top of the old city's ruins, reinforcing it with new wood and stone and painting it with the regal colors of Greyreath.

Divided into four counties, Greyreath is a large and diverse city, home to a myriad of races and welcoming immigrants and merchants from all over the world. Still, the populations is primarily human, with a great deal of elven, halfling. and dwarven citizens. Furthermore, there is one group of people which is mostly unique to Greyreath: Homunculi, small, humanoid constructs forged from magic and alchemy, are prolific here. Initially created to be the servants of the mages and scholars who reside within the University, a great deal of these creatures have outlived their creators or simply been cast out or misplaced, gaining freedom from their masters. Despite their freedom from servitude, however, the homunculi are treated as third-class citizens, designated to live in slums and hovels and forbidden from legally owning land or holding employment. 

Elden County, the city's eastern quarter, houses a large population of these homunculi, both free and indentured. Many of them have mobilized into homunculus sovereignty movements, pushing the University and the state for fair treatment and equal rights.


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Greyreath, the City of Ambition

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