Ghorum, the Iron Worm

Ghorum, called the Iron Worm, is a deity revered in some parts of the Shorn Highlands. They are said to have given metal to mortals. Ghorum is a god of Creation, Discipline, Earth, Focus, Iron, Law, Metal, Potential, Rain, Reflection, and Stone.

Ghorum’s followers adhere to strict codes and laws, abhorring indulgence, hubris, and disinhibition, while preaching restraint, discipline, and patience. The path of Ghorum is often walked by monks and ascetics. 

A militant evangelical group, the Iron Templars, are highly active in the Highlands and in Stahlheim, where they are recognized as terrorists for their frequent attempts to sabotage the Stojanic Empire's mining and steel production. These evangelists revere the Iron Worm as their god, and believe that the Ancient Folk's secrets of metallurgy, specifically gunsmithing, were forgotten for a reason, and that modern people have not earned them. 

It is said that Ghorum is responsible for the the sentient races’ ability to smelt and work metal, and Their followers consider metal, raw or worked, to be incredibly holy.

Ghorum is depicted as a large worm or serpent with dozens of long, multi-jointed arms, and a metal mask with wide staring eyes and a gaping mouth. The Iron Worm’s holy symbol is a humanoid metal mask with round eyes and mouth.

Ghorum, the Iron Worm

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