Faust's Laboratory

The laboratory of Professor Desmond Faust is a sunken castle, buried by time beneath the Dredgemire in eastern Shorn Highlands. It consists of several wings, including a workshop, a library, Faust's personal study, the Blood Labs, and an extensive wing containing an assembly line, dozens of jars of animate ooze, and a secluded holding chamber for living subjects.

Faust's personal study is a grungy chamber filled with half-finished projects and unsanitary operating tables. His library is connected  to this room, and contains a number of taboo manuscipts, a small number of which were "loaned" to Arlur Howlin.

The Blood Labs once belonged to Hannibal Church during his apprenticeship to Faust. These bloodstained, horrific tunnels look like something out of a nightmare, with grimy stone walls, thick with blood and gore. The entrance chamber is filled with operating tables covered in botched animal surgeries, with corpses on meat-hooks lining the walls. Deeper into the Blood Labs are the kennels, where Church once kept hordes of beasts in hopes of creating vampiric hybrids. Down one passageway lies a well of blood, some sort of ghastly arcane focus for the blood witch. Down another, Church's coffin.

The entire keep is filled with tiny tunnels and vents which Faust and over vampires can pass through freely, but the main entrance was caved in during Church's attempt to murder his master. There is another exit through a boarded up tunnel that leads away from the stone keep and into a natural stone cavern and a vast subterranean river. This tunnel leads to a vault, perhaps once filled with the lavish riches of this ancient castle, but now thoroughly pilfered by treasure hunters. This entire tunnel was guarded by the ghost of one such treasure hunter who met a gruesome end to one of the vault's many traps. For thousands of years since, this insane spirit has been bound to the tunnel, endlessly building and rebuilding its own violent mechanisms to defend the vault.

Faust's Laboratory

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