Crom, the Grim, Grey God

Crom, called the Grim, Grey God, is a deity revered in some parts of the Shorn Highlands. He is a barbarian god of curses and ill fortune, recognized by most superstitious folk in the Highlands, but only respected by the barbarian clans. Crom is a god of Competition, Curses, Death, Earth, Experience, Fishing, Honor, the Hunt, Mountains, Patience, Sea, Storms, and War.

Crom is grim, gloomy and unforgiving; he is a bringer of troubles, doom, and misfortune. Due to Crom's nature, his name is only invoked in curses, rather than prayers. To bring the Grim, Grey God's attention to you more often than not ends in tragedy. Still, Crom favors and rewards courage, and grants strength to the valorous. However, he despises and punishes weakness and cowardice.

Sometimes called "the grim old man," Crom sits, ever watching from atop his mountain, to pass a disapproving judgment upon the mortals below.

Crom’s holy symbol is a great grey mound.

Crom, the Grim, Grey God

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