Count Nessa Forthing

Nessa Forthing is the count of Morithan, and the youngest member of the Council of Lords in Greyreath. She is a greyreathan human in her mid-30s.

Born in Greyreath to a wealthy merchant family, with ties to Governor Rhias Sornam. From a young age, she was economic-minded and headstrong, and she is known for her quick wit and strong convictions. 

Forthing has a history of disagreements with the Greyreath University, most recently over the creation and animation of homunculi. Despite this, she openly displays her respect for the institution, specifically for the wealth and prestige they bring to the city.

Forthing has been vocal in her opposition of homunculus sovereignty, often using rhetoric equating them to undead servants and considering it a cruelty to animate them in the first place.

Merchants and nobles tend to have a high opinion of Forthing, but working and lower class people do not favor her, nor does the University nor many of its affiliates.

Count Nessa Forthing

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