Count Elnhim Harfinder

Elnhim Harfinder is the count of Merinham, and the eldest member of the Council of Lords in Greyreath. He is a greyreathan human of at least 250 years. Along with Mithric Grislowe, he co-founded the Greyreath University during the Hour of the Calm Sky, and served as its headmaster for its first hundred and seventy-eight years.

Harfinder is an elderly and venerable wizard, considered one of the most powerful wizards on the continent. He famously defeated a heavily empowered Mithric Grislowe in a duel during the Grislowe Incident nearly a hundred and fifty years ago.

Now, Harfinder oversees much of the University's political governance, public relations, and acts as a go-between for the state and the school, though he has been officially retired from its faculty for fifty years.

Rather set in his ways, Harfinder considers the concept of homunculus sovereignty absolutely ridiculous, especially considering he was the headmaster when the creatures began to gain popularity as familiars. 

By non-scholarly individuals and outsiders, Harfinder is often seen as arrogant, prideful, and vaguely senile, though he holds deep respect by members of the University, often regarded as some sort of figure of legend

Despite his perceived flaws, Harfinder does have a deep love and patriotism for his city and the University, though this is sometimes seen as a fault, and many claim he cares far more for the University and his own reputation than he does for the city of Greyreath.

Count Elnhim Harfinder

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