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  • Wandertongue

    Wandertongue is the language of the [[Dragathi]] nomads. It is a secretive language, guarded by the Dragathi people and their descendants, while the rest of the people of [[Dragath]] tend to speak either [[Common]] or [[Stojani]]. 

  • Elderspeak

    Elderspeak is a dead language, once used by the surface people during [[The Hour of the Ancient Folk]]. After emerging from beneath the earth, people began to discover fragments of the forgotten script of the [[Ancient Folk]], but not enough to …

  • Sapph

    Sapph is the delicate tongue of the sapphians. It is intricate, and often considered musical in sound. It is quite difficult to master, but simple to learn.

  • Common

    Common is a language spoken by most sapient creatures. It was originally designed to be a trade language, and was constructed by [[Miralithen]] historians from bits and pieces of [[Elderspeak]], with common phrases and language conventions …

  • Raied-en

    Raied-en is the language spoken by  raied folk. It is a tonally flat, raspy language, with a written alphabet consisting of …

  • Druskarii

    Druskarii is the language spoken by [[Druskaren]] folk. It is a pleasing, tonal language with complex and precise grammar. Its written script consists of dozens of unique glyphs.

  • Stahlic

    Stahlic is the native language of the people of [[Stahlheim]]. [[Stojani]] is the primary language of colonists who govern the land, and the old tongue and culture is being systematically stripped from the people who live there.

    Stahl is a …

  • Draconic

    Draconic is the language of dragons. It is incredibly elaborate, and some theorize that it was the first language. Its influence appears in nearly every language in the world.

    Its alphabet is complex and contains many symbols which have …

  • Sylvan

    Sylvan is the strange and powerful tongue of the fey folk. It is a difficult tongue to learn, sounding to non-fey like woodland ambience, consisting of birdsong, fluttering wings, and chittering fauna. 

    Conversely, Sylvan threats …

  • Elven

    Elven is the ancient language of the elves, spoken almost exclusively by the elves of El'drathar in the [[Vale of Aeons]]. Elven is known to share …

  • Gnomish

    Gnomish is the strange and secretive language of the furtive gnomes. It is a chirruping language, with many consonants, including numerous clicks. It is a language infused with the entropic magic of the gnomes, and its written script is utterly …

  • Giant

    Giant is the native language of giants, orcs, trolls, and ogren. It is a harsh but assonant language, with tonal intricacies and a meter that is unfamiliar to Common-speakers, often sounding especially clumsy in the mouths of non-natives. In the mouths …

  • Abyssal

    Abyssal, sometimes called Demonic, is the language of demons. It has its own unique, scrawling alphabet, and can only be written in blood, or with blood-soaked implements.

    Spoken, it is a a harsh, barking language, and its very …

  • Goblin

    Goblin is the chattering language of goblins and their ilk. It is a simple language often punctuated with growls and barks, and heavily reliant on non-verbal gestures and body language. It has no alphabet; instead, goblins often make use of …

  • Yrosin

    Yrosin is a language spoken by the people of Yros and most of the [[Riddling Desert]]. It is theorized to be related to [[Elderspeak]] in some way, and …

  • Druidic

    Druidic is the secret languages of druids. It is a pleasant, chirruping language and it can be written in secret sigils of power.

    It is in defiance of druidic code to pass the language on to anyone who is not a druid themselves.

    < …

  • Darkspeech

    Darkspeech is an obscure language with mysterious origins. Often spoken by strange, shadowy, and otherworldly beings, most mortals are unable to properly wrap their heads around the language.

    It is a hushed, silvery, and urgent tongue. Its …

  • Hagsnarl

    Hagsnarl is a mysterious language, native to hags. Its roots are in [[Sylvan]] and [[Draconic]].

    Although most hags can understand and speak the language, the hags who settled in [[Dragath]] during


    Primal is the mysterious language of elementals. Few but the most powerful of wizards and elementalists have managed to decode the secrets this ancient and primordial tongue holds.

    Primal is a special curiosity to those who study it, as it is …

  • Dwarven

    Dwarven is the language of the dwarves. It is a proud, dark, and musical language, and its runic alphabet consists of many straight lines and definite angles.

    Because of their tendency toward tradition, Dwarven hasn't changed much …

  • Leonin

    Leonin is one of two languages used by catfolk. Leonin is spoken by the leonid catfolk, native to the [[Shorn Highlands]] and the [[Sapphian Peninsula]].

    There exist two dialects of Leonin, one spoken by the Highland catfolk, and one by …

  • Wormtongue

    Wormtongue is a bizarre language with unknown origins. Its structure and syntax are completely alien, and its etymology has never been traced to any other known language.

    It is spoken by strange, unclassified creatures that live in remote and …

  • Stojani

    Stojani is the national language of the grim, militaristic [[Stojanic]] people. It is a dark language with pure vowels and dexterous consonants, and its alphabet is borrowed from [[Miralithi]], almost identical to the [[Common]] script.