Desmond Faust

Professor Desmond Faust is a greyreathan human vampire, who appears to be in his late sixties or seventies, while in actuality, he is at least one hundred years old. Prior to his vampiric curse, Faust was a highly respected healer and a teacher at the university in Greyreath. Now, he conducts macabre experiments on undead creatures and lost travelers, kidnapped from the Dredgemire.

During his tenure at Greyreath University, Faust was the head of the Healing Arts wing of the school, located in Elden County. He was a passionate, empathetic man, whose talents as a healer were only rivaled by his love of teaching. An alchemist and a priest, Faust had mastery over herbal healing which he paired with a divine gift.

Four decades ago, during a field trip into Hril's Talons with a group of twelve students, Faust went missing. His students were found murdered and drained of blood. Faust's body was never found, but the university knew he could never be capable of such depravity and closed the investigation, ruling that Faust and his students must have been set upon by roving monsters from the mountains. 

In reality, Faust had been abducted by vampires. Newly turned, he went into hiding, fleeing to the eastern Highlands and beginning his operation in the castle beneath the Dredgemire.

Faust's home and laboratory is in the keep of some ancient, sunken castle beneath the Dredgemire. Its fortified tunnels and crumbling corridors have been repurposed into surgeries, workshops, and alchemical labs. Here, he conducts experiments related to the undead, and builds brutally weaponized undead constructs. 

Until recently, Faust had apprentice, Hannibal Church, an insane and incredibly violent blood witch with a penchant for bloodshed and gore. Church was known to be erratic, bloodthirsty, and difficult to control, but Faust sealed him into the Blood Labs, where he was seemingly content to toil away, experimenting with vampire blood and creating hideous, living vampiric hybrids. Unbeknownst to Faust, Church was plotting to destroy his master, outfitting his creations with silver fangs and claws. 

When Faust discovered his former apprentice's plots, he asked a party of former captives to destroy Church for him. The party complied, and then departed.

Faust's current status is unknown.

Desmond Faust

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